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Ultra-Capacitive Carbon Neural Probe Allows Simultaneous Long-Term Electrical Stimulations and High-Resolution Neurotransmitter Detection

By |2019-04-15T18:22:05+00:00April 12th, 2019|

By Surabhi Nimbalkar, Elisa Castagnola, Arvind Balasubramani, Alice Scarpellini, Soshi Samejima, Abed Khorasani, Adrien Boissenin, Sanitta Thongpang, Chet Moritz & Sam Kassegne | Read the Full Article >> Abstract We present a new class of carbon-based neural probes that consist of homogeneous glassy carbon (GC) microelectrodes, interconnects and bump pads. These electrodes have purely capacitive behavior with exceptionally high charge storage capacity (CSC) and are [...]

Deep brain stimulation provides sustained relief for severe depression

By |2019-04-15T18:24:18+00:00April 12th, 2019|

By  NEUROSCIENCE NEWS | Read the full article here >> Patients suffering from severe, treatment-resistant depression can benefit both acutely and in the long-term from deep brain stimulation, as researchers from the Medical Center – University of Freiburg and their colleagues from the University Hospital Bonn demonstrate in a current study. The team used thin electrodes [...]