The Brain Sciences Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Providence, Rhode Island committed to improving methods and tools for diagnosis to treat neurological conditions.

The Brain Sciences Foundation is a multifaceted organization bringing together a wide range of scientific disciplines concerned with the understanding of brain function and dysfunction.

Our multidisciplinary team of fellows provides extensive knowledge of neuronal processes and degeneration at all stages. Recent research initiatives focus on the development of functional brain and neuron interfacing abilities.

The Brain Sciences Foundation provides scholarships to exceptional students and issues grants to fund several key areas of cutting-edge neurological research, including neurolinguistics, computational neuroscience, nanoscale neurostimulation and multimodal analysis for the detection and management of neurodegenerative disorders.

The Foundation seeks to focus its awards on systems designed to excite discussion and increase the level of integration present in research being conducted by top universities and research groups around the world. In order to raise awareness about brain sciences, we will also work to acquire and distribute the means for those who share our vision in brain research empowering them to develop their research into products and procedures that can help cure brain related dysfunctions. Furthermore, by creating a venue for discussion, we hope to educate the public at large about the impact our research can have on our world and on mental health issues.

Our Collaborators

Boston University
Harvard University
UC Irvine

All of our collaborating organizations as well as our staff and fellows share our vision to develop several specific fields within brain science, and our drive to not only obtain knowledge, but to share it and to translate it into a form that is usable as a means to improve the quality of life for the public and to help those who suffer from currently incurable conditions.

Our research focuses on several specific areas;

  • Cognitive Modeling
  • Neural Linguistics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Neurosurgical Development
  • Comprehensive Modeling of the Brain

Our collaborators and members are dedicated to ensuring that we find the answers leading to comprehensive understanding of the brain, of the mind, and of cognition.

In Memory of Professor Marvin Minsky (1927-2016)

The Brain Sciences Foundation would like to thank Prof. Marvin Minsky, one of our founding members and most valued mentors, for the countless contributions he made to the fields of AI, robotics and cognitive psychology.  Most importantly, we would like to thank our beloved Professor for cultivating that eternal spark in us and in countless other students he mentored and inspired over the years.  He taught us to think.

The last two projects Dr. Minsky worked on were the MIT Mind Machine Project (which spawned this Foundation) and metaphor detection algorithms that now power our neurodiagnostic engine, so we are very aware of the fact that our work is but a humble continuance of the Great Work started by Professor Minsky so many years ago.

He was such an inspirational pioneer that he was modeling neural networks on a computer 65 years ago (1951), something we’re still actively plugging away at.  The world has so few men with such vision – he will be dearly missed.