Our Mission

To advance understanding and treatment of the brain and neurodegenerative diseases through collaborative research, education and AI technology.


Our researchers are composed of neuroscientists, mathematicians, psychologists, computer scientists, and computational scientists – each bringing a new perspective to the complex questions we are looking to answer. Working across disciplines, and creating ongoing partnerships, allows us to fluidly exchange ideas, share data, and pull resources quickly. Collaborative research is at the forefront of our mission and we believe it to be the single most important piece in uncovering the mysteries of the brain.


Our research embraces diverse methods and ideas, that have the potential to make breakthroughs in understanding brain function in health and disease. We are particularly interested in research that incorporates fundamentally new approaches to addressing longstanding problems. We are risk-takers; unapologetically and proudly so. We support efforts that bring us closer to discovering the latest, revolutionary neuro-technologies to treat brain disorders, and accelerate neuroscience research. Additionally, through our work we are ensuring the development of improved therapies, and alternative treatments for those suffering from mental health illnesses and neurodegenerative diseases today.


Our work is carried out with the intention that it will be shared and translated into tangible solutions to improve patients’ lives right now. By empowering the researchers we work with to develop their research into products and procedures, this becomes a reality. We want to be a global resource for those seeking to learn more about the conditions that degrade the brain. We believe everyone should have access to the latest developments in neuroscience research; to be able to advocate for their own health and to be well informed of new, proven treatment options.

Bettering the Future of Brain Health

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