Congratulations to our Senior Fellow, Tipu Aziz, who has just been awarded the Medal of the Society of British Neurological Surgeons (SBNS) for his lifetime achievement in Neurosurgery. His groundbreaking research, has and continues to lead the world in DBS for chronic pain, and specifically his work around Parkinson’s disease. Professor Tipu has setup functional DBS programs around the world and is passionate about providing this service and other Parkinson’s treatments to impoverished countries. We are teaming up with Dr. Aziz to do just that in Bangladesh. DBS is not affordable to locals in the region and those who can afford it travel outside the country for treatment at a steep cost. Instead, at Tipu’s suggestion, we are donating a lesion generator so that precise surgical lesioning can be used as an alternative, effective treatment. This will benefit the health and lives of hundreds of people who would otherwise remain untreated. Visit our GoFundMe page to learn how you can help support our efforts.