Psychiatric Diagnosis Framework

psychiatric-analysisLXIO (language axiological input/output) is a psychiatric diagnostic system founded upon the learning algorithm, MSI (Mood State Indicator).

The LXIO system deciphers language in written formats (speech to text is also applicable) and passes its data through a parser, which breaks down each sentence into multiple words to create a data structure for particular phrases within specific time frames.

The sentence structures are generated based on the properties and characteristics of each word, and may grow in capacity and connectivity depending on the relationship between previous and currently processed data.

Using discursive cues, we have found that it is possible to amass and analyze large amounts of human linguistic data to associate specific phenomena with physiological states. Currently we are developing a LXIO user interface, which will be published and available online.

The LXIO project is being developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Synthetic Intelligence Laboratory and BSF Senior Fellow, Mathieu Guidere.

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