The mission of the Brain Sciences Foundation is to establish a vibrant community of expert scientists, gathered in the Brain Sciences Foundation Fellowship, to study the origins of human cognition and intelligence and conduct groundbreaking research into novel treatment strategies for neurological disorders.

Senior Fellows

Senior Fellows are recognized global leaders in their respective field of study and actively contribute to Foundation-sponsored research and Foundation business.

Prof. Louis Jehel
Senior Fellow
Université des Antilles/Guyane
Psychiatry, Psychotraumatology

Dr. Richard Wirt
Senior Fellow
Intel Corporation, Senior Fellow
Commercial Translation

Dr. Ming Tong
Senior Fellow
Biopharma Advisory Director at USA-Biopharma International

Prof. Newton Howard
Founder, Senior Fellow
University of Oxford, MIT
Computational Neuroscience and Functional Neurosurgery

Prof. Tomaso Poggio
Senior Fellow
Brain and Cognitive Scieinces

Prof. Mohamed Elgendi
Senior Fellow
UBC, BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital
Health Data Science and Knowledge Translation

Prof. Colette Rolland
Senior Fellow
La Sorbonne University
Computer Science, Mathematics, Informatics

Prof. Shuguang Zhang
Senior Fellow
Biomedical Engineering

Prof. Mark Moss
Senior Fellow
Boston University
Medicine, Anatomy, Neurobiology

Dr. Per Kohler
Senior Fellow
Lund University
Neuronanoscience & Nanobiology

Prof. Tariq Durrani
Senior Fellow
University of Strathclyde
Signal Processing

Prof. Amir Hussain
Senior Fellow
University of Stirling
Cognitive Computation and Informatics

Prof. Shlomo Argamon
Senior Fellow
Illinois Institute of Technology
Computer Science

Prof. Ophir Frieder
Senior Fellow
Georgetown University
Computer Science and Information Processing


Fellows are eminent experts and expected to contribute to collaborative research efforts supported by the Foundation.

Prof. Erik Cambria
Nanyang Technological University
School of Computer Engineering

Prof. Jeroen Bergmann
Imperial College London
Medical Engineering

Prof. John Violanti
University of Buffalo
Social and Preventive Medicine

Prof. Andreas Mershin

Prof. Gerry Leisman
Nazareth Academic Institute and French Hospital Nazareth

Prof. Alexander Wissner-Gross
Harvard University Institute
Computational Science

Prof. Michael Kohl
University of Cambridge
Physiology/Development and Neuroscience

Prof. Choe Yoonsuck
Texas A&M University
Computer Engineering
Brain Networks Lab
Neural Intelligence Lab

Dr. Lijuan Su
Tencent Technology Co., China
Zhejiang University,Computer Science
Harvard Medical School & Massachusetts General Hospital
Artificial Intelligence Innovation in Healthcare

Dr. Padma Paul, PhD
University of Calgary
Computer Science


Researchers contribute to work in BSF-affiliated research groups, assist BSF-sponsored activities, such as workshops, conferences, publications and fundraising, and support the work of the BSF executives and committees through the provision of expert research reports.

Mr. Roland Fuoco
MRAC LLC (Cambridge MA)
Psychology, Participant Studies

Mr. Soujanya Poria
Nanyang Technological University
NLP, AI, Opinion Mining, Cognitive Science

Mr. Alexis Ducarouge
Telecom Paristech
Cognitive Science

Mr. Fabio Celli
Fondazione Bruno Kessler – FBK